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Download the sponsorship form provided. Fill in the form using all information requested. Once completed, mail to:

P.O. BOX 1640
Avon Park, FL 33826

Once your payment is confirmed, use the information below to get started.

Graphic requirement

Accepted files: jpg, jpeg, gif, png, swf, HTML5 and javascript files.
Important: Make sure your file has no spaces or special characters in the name. Replace spaces with a – or _.
Image size: Square: 320px x 320px
Maximum size: 512Kb or smaller

Graphics used in ad layout
Ads must be exact size and they may not appear upside down or at an angle. The ad must appear to be only one ad. If the ad does not fit the size or graphic requirement, it will not run and you will be provided with a notice as to why.

Quality and relevance to subject
Images must be relevant to the advertised site it represents. All images should be clear with legible text.

Strobing and flashing
Ads that are strobing, or otherwise distracting, will be rejected.

Family safe environment
Florida Flywheelers assigns a family safe environment status to all ads to make sure that ads are shown to an appropriate audience. Ads may not contain “adult content” or link to a website intended for adults.

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Designing an advertisement that entices potential consumers can seem difficult when you don’t have the time or knowledge.
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